MILL Background (annual) via JDP and

Fingerprinting (5 years) via Brevard County

Parks and Recreation.

This annual requirement applies to anyone 18 years of age or older who will be on the field or in the

dugout for any reason or amount of time.

This is a Little League requirement applying to everyone regardless of profession and completion with

other organizations. Unfortunately, checks completed for school, law enforcement, security clearances,

public trust, etc., are not applicable, and you MUST complete an annual assessment via JDP.

It is the team manager's responsibility to make sure everyone has been cleared

that is helping their team. Failure to obtain a background check will prevent individuals from being on the field

or dugout. Board members will complete periodic reviews, and those not cleared will be

asked to leave the field and dugout until this requirement is satisfied.


1. Annual Requirement – Legal First Name, Legal Last Name & Email address emailed to

Safety Officer – [email protected]

2. The Safety Officer checks JDP to see if a current background check is on file or if it is a new individual

requiring check.

1. If new, that individual entered as such, otherwise individual entered as returning


3. Once entered, JDP will send an email directly to the individual requesting information.

4. After the individual responds to the JDP email, the check will be processed 48-72 hours.

5. MILL is notified when the check is completed to review for adverse information regarding violence

or crimes against minors.

6. While the above is going on, the name is reviewed against a list of individuals already cleared by the

county that has been Fingerprinted in the past five years. NOTE Fingerprints for school, work,

gov't jobs, etc. are not accepted by the Parks department and must be done through AUE


7. If fingerprints are valid, then individuals are notified of cleared checks and valid prints, and they are

good to go.

8. If fingerprints are not good, a message goes to the Parks Department with the name of the person to get a


9. Once code is received, it along with detailed instructions are sent to individuals to complete


10. Individual must follow instructions and get printed using voucher provided

12. Individual will receive an approved email from AUE staffing when the process is done and needs to

Be FORWARDED to the Safety Officer to be logged. This is a crucial step, and you will not receive clearance until completed.



 MILL Approved Volunteers


*The following Individuals have passed both MILL and Parks Department background checks. updated (02.16.23)
If you believe your name should be on this list or would like to be added please contact Missy Hintz at [email protected]
Affeld, Josephine 
Affeld, Mathew 
Albert, Matt 
Alexander, Michael Ferrell 
Anderson, Christy 
Andrews, Dennis 
Arnold, Jason 
Bachanov, Kyle 
Barchanowicz, Vincent 
Baldwin, Jeff 
Ball, Nicholas 
Baylis, Bryan 
Baylis, David  
Bean, Steven 
Belluccio, Brittany 
Blackburn, Bryan 
Blanchard, Brian 
Bliss, Jenna 
Bonet, Jennifer 
Bonet. Randy 
Boyd, Shannon 
Bracamonte, Ashley 
Brayboy, Jennifer 
Brotherton, Joshua 
Bumgardner, Ricky Jr 
Byron, Jeffry 
Casillas, Jose 
Charalambous, Nicolas 
 Chuntraruk, Daryl 
Cipriano, Tony 
Clarke, Richard 
Cobb, Kristin (Shetzline) 
Cobb, Michael 
Cochran, Amber 
Cochran, Troy 
Coffman, Robert 
Collins, Joseph 
Colwell, Robert 
Connell, Shannon 
Connell, Steven 
Cory, Allison 
Courtier, JeanPaul 
Creech, Linda 
Crisafulli, Luke 
Crisafulli, Tammy 
Cross, Brian 
Cutwright, Matt 
Daniels, Cori 
Daniels, Jeffery 
Davis, Jennifer  
Davis, Mark 
Dawson, Chester 
Day, Andy 
Dearnley, Lee 
Dearnley, Melissa 
DeGonzague, Brian 
DeLeo, John 
Deraujo, Hank 
Devoe, Samantha 
Dietz, Bryan 
Dietz, Melanie 
Divita, Thomas II 
Doherty, Shawn 
Dorsagno, Raymond 
Dunbar, Demarius 
Duncan, Katie 
Duncan, Scott 
Dyer, Dustin 
Dyer, Laura 
Ehlert, Justin 
Ellis, Jacob 
Ellis, Kayla 
Ellis, Sean 
English, Kimberly  
Erdman, Annette 
Esposito, Jody 
Esposito, Matthew
Fagan, Jason 
Fagan, Josh 
Fagan, Sarah 
Fegers, Angela 
Fegers, Justin 
Fiol, Tiki 
Felker, David 
Felker, Marty 
Fernandez, Erasto  
Ficarrotto, Joseph 
Foley, Jessica 
Fontenot, JD 
Fontenot, Laci 
Force, Derek 
Force, Heather 
Ford, Thomas 
Formoso, Rene 
Francisco, Shawn 
Freeland, Jay 
Gardner, Kelly 
Gardner, Robert 
Garrett, Angela 
Garrett, Shane 
Gaube, Emmet 
Gleason, Matthew 
Graff, Christine 
Graff, Gerard "Jerry" 
Grazul, Joseph 
Greenwell, Blaine 
Greenwell, Jennifer 
Griffin, Malorie 
Hall, Kristen 
Hamilton, Scott 
Hedleston, Jake 
Helms, Joshua 
Hill, Jenny  
Hintz, Gabrielle 
Hintz, Jacob 
Hintz, Melissa 
Hintz, Scott 
Holt, Jerry 
Howley, Theodore 
Howley, Tonya  
Isak, Alex 
Jacobs, Jeffrie (Dave) 
Jarrett, Brooke 
Jenkins, Chad 
Jenkins, Jennifer  
Jiminez, Ashlei 
Jiminez, Felipe 
Jones, Riley 
Kern, Tina 
Kern, Tyler 
Killen, Travis 
Knoebel, Lori 
Knoebel, Michael 
Knotts, Shawn 
Koeber, Drew 
Lawrence, Jon 
Le, Nikia 
Le, Trung 
Le, Willy 
LeBlanc, Dave 
LeBlanc, Jessica 
Lenderman, Doug  
Lenderman, Jennifer 
Lewis, Michelle  
Lewis, Ty 
Lohr, Anthony 
Lovelett, Ryan  
Lucas, Aaron 
Lucas, Ashley  
Madison, Cody 
Maggart, Thomas 
Manderfield, Shannon
Mariacher, Michelle
Marshall, James 
Marshall, Steven 
McCullough, David  
McGregor, Andrew 
McTavey, Gabe 
McTavey, Lindsey 
Milton, Dave 
Mollitor, Jennifer 
Moore, Bryan  
Moran, Bill 
Morrissey, Sean 
Nauman, Jenni 
Nauman, Justin 
Newell, Solomon 
Noble, Amanda 
Nobles, Tori  
Noonan, Brian 
Noonan, Jennifer 
Orona, John Anthony 
Orona, Lauren 
Ortiz, Cristina 
Pace, Erin 
Pace, Joshua 
Paglialonga, Stephen 
Palermo, Tammy 
Pavicic, Joe 
Penerian, Arthur(Jay) 
Penerian, Corrin 
Perrone, Ralph 
Peterman, Jessica 
Peterman, Scott 
Pettis, Cameron 
Pettis, Shelby 
Plunkett, Lauren 
Plunkett, Patrick 
Porter, Kristi 
Proferes, Jonathan  
Pusatere, Michael 
Pusatere, Lisa 
Reith, Joseph  
Retalic, Rob 
Rivers, Steven 
Romero, Fermin 
Romero, Jessica 
Ross, Jonathan 
Roth, Jacob 
Rush, Matthew 
Salgado, Arnold  
Santos, Erasto 
Sboto, Joe 
Sboto, Kristin 
Scaglione, Brandon 
Scarboroough, Wilson 
Schermbeck, Andrew 
Schilller, Don 
Shaffer, Craig 
Shatto, Michael 
Shatto, Nicole 
Sheridan, Beau 
Shetler, Jessi  
Schrier, Donald 
Shroble, Eric 
Silvio, Jacob 
Sirmans, Lindsey 
Sirmans, Steven 
Smith, Mike 
Smith, Ryan 
Sorey, Clayton 
Spaeth, Noah 
Stone, William 
Terry, Shannon 
Thomas, Blair 
Underwood, Kristen 
Verduzco, Kaylee Taylor 
Walker, Colleen 
Wanzie, Nathaniel 
Wanzie, Stefania  
Weber, Sarah 
Wegerif, Dean 
Wegerif, Jennifer 
Wescott, Jonathon 
Wescott, Makenzie  
Wessner, Rosie 
White, Charles 
Whitehurst, Natalie 
Whitehurst, Ross 
Williams, Duane 
Williams, Sydnie 
Windsor, Clifton 
Windsor, Jennifer  
Wolfe, Tony 
Young, Laurie  
Young, Stephen 
Zapata, Cristina 
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